Minutes – Thursday 14 May 2015

In Attendance                                              Apologies

  • Eddie Brooks                                                 Dean Allen
  • Councillor Alan Clark                                 Chris Smith
  • Dave Coates – Chair                                    Councillor Helena Spencer
  • Caroline Gore-Booth                                  Theresa Vaughn
  • Bob Grant
  • Earl Greenwood
  • Natalie Hallows
  • Andy Lee
  • Fiona Lee
  • Martin Newman
  • Jenni Wilkinson

Riverside Committee & Planning Committee Feedback

Councillor Clark reported that though he felt it was imperative to have a Neighbourhood Plan to drive investment in Newington, both he and his fellow Councillors on the Riverside Area Committee and Planning Committee wished to exclude West Park from the neighbourhood plan area because they viewed all parks as strategic sites within the city. He emphasised that this was a cross party view point.

Inclusion of West Park

After much discussion the remaining forum members were unanimously agreed that

West Park was a vital part of the history and identity of the neighbourhood and that it should be included in the neighbourhood area.

It was noted that;

  • The reason given for the exclusion of parks was very weak and sounded more like a top down directive than a strategic rationale. (For example neighbourhood forums have produced plans which became part of the statutory development plan for National Parks such as the Lake District, Peak District & New Forest let alone local Parks.)
  • Under the Localism Act West Park could be designated as an asset of community value in the same way the Stadium was by a Hull City supporters group.
  • Many houses don’t have gardens and West Park is the only place for children to play safely.
  • The Stadium has taken from the community most of the park & we have lost local rugby and football teams.
  • The Stadium does not contribute anything to the local neighbourhood as originally envisaged.
  • The forum was opposed to setting a precedent for the exclusion of parks from other Neighbourhood Plans in Hull.


I view of the fact that the forum wishes to progress with the full support of our local Councillors if possible it was agreed to meet again with all three ward Councillors before the end of the six week consultation period which ends on 15th June 2015.

Parking Permits

Andy Lee noted key points about the consultation process for the proposed introduction of parking permit fees in the Stadium Zones. Andy explained that the consultation letter sent out to residents was not a proper consultation, simply a yes/no vote, and that the proposals had not only been poorly thought through but unnecessarily penalised residents particularly families and carers. Andy went on to state that individuals should feel free to submit their own comments on an open letter he had written which requested the Council to undertake a full and proper consultation process.

Public Consultation

Dave outlined the six week consultation process for the Newington Neighbourhood Plan and circulated the consultation forms produced by Hull City Council, together with some general information about Neighbourhood Plans and the letter regarding parking permits from Andy Lee. Dave encouraged forum members to complete the consultation forms themselves and circulate them as widely as possible. Any completed forms could be either sent to the Council using the Freepost address on the forms or returned to Dave for posting. Dave offered to copy as many forms as forum member’s requested.

Forum Public Statement

It was agreed to postpone this item until the next meeting with the ward Councillors.

Any Other Business


Date, Time & Venue of Next Meeting

Wednesday 3rd June at 6.00 pm

Meeting room, Lonsdale community centre

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