Final Draft Plan complete

Newington Neighbourhood Plan

The Newington Neighbourhood Plan Pre-Submission Consultation is now complete and the comments and feedback received is being incorporated into the plan.

Arrangements are now being made for an examiner to review the plan with the intention of submission in March 2022

The full version of the draft plan can be viewed and downloaded here.

A Strategic Environmental Assessment screening determination including a Habitats Regulations Assessment has been undertaken and in summary it is determined that the Newington Neighbourhood Plan would not have a significant effect on the environment because:
• It does not allocate land for development
• As detailed in the SEA screening report, the policies were found to have either minor or no impacts on the environmental criteria set out in Schedule 1 of the Environmental Assessment Regulations. Where minor impacts were considered likely these were largely found to be positive.

The Habitats Regulations Assessment screening concludes that the Neighborhood Plan is not predicted to have any likely significant effects on any European site, either alone or in combination with other plans and projects. Based on the screening opinion prepared by Newington Neighbourhood Forum in May 2019 and having considered the consultation responses from the statutory environmental bodies, Newington Neighbourhood Forum determine that the Newington Neighbourhood Plan is unlikely yo result in significant environmental effects and therefore does not require a strategic environmental assessment.

You can read the full statement here.