Final Draft Plan complete

Newington Neighbourhood Plan

The Newington Neighbourhood Plan is soon to be submitted.

The full version of the final plan which is to be submitted shortly can be viewed and downloaded here.

Latest News:

Before the pandemic the Newington Neighbourhood Plan was submitted to a six-week pre-submission public consultation from September 2019 to October 2019 and immediately after this we were working towards the final completion of the plan to be followed by a public examination and referendum.

With the onset of the national lockdown due to the pandemic in April 2020 although no further Forum or Project Group meetings were able to take place, the forum, Chair and several forum members kept in touch via a series of ‘Zoom’ meetings and when permissible small focus group meetings to advance ideas on the Legacy Projects and specifically the former Premiere bar. From July 2021 to December 2021 a series of small focus group meetings and consultations took place to further develop and refine these ideas.

After the protracted delay, it was necessary for the Riverside Area Committee to re-designate the forum because of the fact that it had been in existence for longer than the prescribed five years and re-designation was achieved in November 2021.

On Wednesday 23rd March 2022 the forum reconvened to review the plan and several revisions were agreed upon. Since the meeting these revisions have been made to the plan, a Memorandum of Understanding has been produced to establish the working relationship between Hull City Council and a proposed Newington Neighbourhood Committee to clarify the arrangements for monitoring and delivery of the plan should it come into force after the referendum.

The next forum meeting is scheduled to take place in early September when the final revisions will be reviewed by the forum and signed off if approved.

The last steps are the examination to ensure the plan is in general conformity to local and national policies and conditions. This process normally takes between one to three months and should the plan be deemed to conform with the necessary conditions then the final step is the local referendum.

At the referendum people that live and work in the neighbourhood vote on whether to bring the plan into effect or not. Both the examination and finally the referendum will be progressed by Hull City Council. Referendums generally coincide with local elections which means the Newington Neighbourhood Plan referendum will most likely coincide with the next local elections in May 2023.

Prior to the referendum we plan to run a publicity campaign and several promotional events to raise awareness about the plan and canvass popular support. These events will be open to anyone wishing to attend and will include presentations about the plans content and aspirations. Details of these will be added when we have confirmed the dates.

The revised version of the full Newington Neighbourhood Plan, the proposed Memorandum of Understanding, the Newington Heritage Assessment and the Strategic Environmental Assessment may all be downloaded from the Download tab.