What is it?

There will now be separate  Neighbourhood Plans for Newington and St. Andrews.  With much of the ground work covered the local community will now have more say in the development of their local neighbourhood. Neighbourhood Plans are a new tier in planning policy which enables local people to shape the development of the community in which they live for the next twenty years.

The government has introduced the community right to produce neighbourhood plans through the Localism Act. General regulations governing neighbourhood planning came into effect in April 2012 setting out a series of measures to shift power away from central government and towards local people.

Once approved,  Neighbourhood Plans are be incorporated into Hull City Council’s Area Action Plan thereby ensuring that all future development must abide by it. In essence, a Neighbourhood Plan will allow us to have a much greater say in the future of the Anlaby & Hessle Road area.

The plan can be detailed or general, depending what local people want.