Minutes – Wednesday 9 September 2015

Forum Members                                         Apologies

  • Steve Carter                                                  Councillor Alan Clark
  • Dave Coates – Chair                                    Eddie Brooks
  • Steve Coultas                                               Graham Brooks
  • Darren Gordon                                             Andy Lee
  • Caroline Gore-Booth                                   Fiona Lee
  • Bob Grant                                                      Lily Moughton
  • Natalie Hallows                                            Councillor Lynn Petrini
  • Martin Newman                                            Councillor Helena Spencer
  • Chris Smith
  • Karen Tozer

      In Attendance

Keith Griffiths (HCC Planning Policy and Information)


Following introductions and a brief update from Dave thanks were extended to Helena Spencer, Martin Mancey and Lynn Petrini for supporting the inclusion of West Park within the designated area.

Forum Guidelines

Dave circulated a copy of the forum guidelines for reference at forum meetings.

Neighbourhood Planning Grant

Dave reported that he had made an application to Locality for support in preparing the Neighbourhood Plan. The application included support from consultants from Integreat Plus who had been involved in the production of the Cottingham NP.

The outcome of the application will be known in October.

Neighbourhood Plan Process

A discussion ensued regarding the work required to start building the evidence base, for the plan. It was agreed we need to contact the local primary schools, Newington health centre and various departments of HCC. Keith volunteered to supply these contact details which would include Andrew Wilson from the parks department and Gary Taylor from Strategy & Renewal.

Other information it was agreed the forum needed to look at included an analysis of any existing databases, details of the Granville and Stirling street improvements, a green space and urban space review, details of any listed buildings, and business turnover especially for commercial businesses on Anlaby Road, a character assessment of the area and the identification of key issues & sites.

Call for volunteers

Several forum members agreed to be involved in any small working groups in order to progress the evidence base and Keith agreed to offer his support in drafting a working document to kick start this process.

Any other business

Dave reported he would place the working documents including the minutes of meetings online so that forum members could access these.

Date, Time & Venue of Next Meeting

To be confirmed


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