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  • Green open spaces

    There are important green open spaces within the plan area including West Park, but in general there is a severe lack of greenspace in breaking the built form. There are mature trees that soften certain public streets. Pullman Street and St Georges Road Play Area’s serve the play needs of local children. West Park and greenspaces outside of the plan area to the west on the former Riley College site should provide other play needs. What green open spaces should be protected from development and what best use can be made of these, including the railway triangle?   West Park has seen considerable change over the years including the most recent development of KC Stadium within its confines. The existing facilities at the park include bowling greens, adventure play area, outdoor gym, aviary and significant open space and mature trees. There are proposals for new facilities at the park including a multi-use games area, and skate park improvements but is there scope for further improvement, and where, plus what should this comprise?

  • Traffic and pedestrians

    Anlaby Road is a main arterial road serving the city. It cuts through the plan area in a west/east direction and carries significant vehicular traffic. This makes it a barrier for people crossing the road. The streets serving the predominant housing areas are also busy including Walton Street, St Georges Road and Albert Avenue and their related junctions. The mainly housing block layouts (although there are culs-de-sac layouts) are designed around the road network serving the area. Rear tenfoots (some of which are poorly maintained) and housing courts are a feature of this layout. Traffic issues relating to the area include residential on-street parking although this often serves as a traffic calming measure. What highway issues are there in the area not already covered by other questions above?

  • Bins and rubbish

    Sometimes simple details can raise the appearance of the street scene. Trees and consistent styling/materials to boundary walls to certain streets (Sandringham, Alliance, De La Pole) in the area bring unity to the street scene. In other locations the use of varied materials (including use of timber facing the public street) and detail has the opposite effect. The location of waste bins to property frontages also detracts. Planning permission is not normally needed to change these features.

  • Design Guidance

    As the area is mainly housing, a shopping centre and parkland/Stadium, there is a need to ensure that design is handled in a sensitive way. Design guidance can be useful in steering development at the conception stage, but it should perhaps not be overly prescriptive. The area mainly comprises 2 or 3 storey terraced houses although there are newer semi-detached properties in parts. Some of the streets and houses comprise features that bring a sense of place to the area. Often these go unnoticed but the local architectural detail includes:  Steeply pitched projecting dormers and roof detail  Use of buff coloured brick  Eaves detailing  Projecting porches, and moulded/stone carved lintels and bay

  • Shopping Area – forecourts

    The current shopping street is characterised by different sized forecourts or frontages that bring some activity to the street. The wider forecourts are sometimes rather cluttered although it also lacks seating and trees. There is some on-street parking but limited off-street parking serving the shops/services, although vehicles also tend to park on residential side streets.

  • The Carlton Theatre Design and Access Statement – Hull City Council Design and Access Statement. In Support of a Planning Application for a. Proposed Residential Development, former. Carlton Theatre, Anlaby Road, Kingston …