A walk in the park: West Park Workshop

There will be a West Park workshop about West Park on

Saturday 21st January 2017 from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm at the Lonsdale community centre.

We do not have a full agenda as yet but  the overall purpose of the meeting is to have an open meeting with all stakeholders round the table to discuss the identified issues relating to West Park and the Railway Triangle. For example the Stadium, West Park child care centre, model railway, open air theatre, the animal enclosure and rangers complex, pavilions, bowling greens, gardens etc. etc.

We will start the workshop by taking a walk around West Park and the Railway triangle to familiarise everyone with the sites concerned and our consultants will be facilitating the workshop on the day.

There will be a buffet lunch provided. If you know of any groups or individuals with an interest in attending please by all means invite them along too.

We very much hope that as many of the forum members and groups with an interest in West Park will be able to attend and we would appreciate it if you could send your apologies if you cannot so we have an idea of numbers to cater for.

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